Friday, October 10, 2008

We Need Leadership

I'm watching Hank Paulson talk about the global economy and the downturn that we have been facing. Here is one issue that I have with Hank...I am seeing the top of his head more than his face. He is reading a script. Now, I know that not everyone is the best public speaker...but come on. Look us in the eye when you are giving it to us.

Is he saying anything worth while...uh, no. It is just a change in plans. They are now going to take an equity stake in banks and not buy up the troubled assets. So this isn't new but it is just a change of plans. But what about the bad debts on the books? Guess that goes into the dark matter world and hopefully everyone forgets about it right???

We need a real leader step forward and state, "This is what we are doing...This is how were going to do it...The banks need to get on board now or they are on their own. This is going to be painful, we can see that it already is. We are a great country. We have past every test that history has thrown before us and this time will be no different."

People are not that stupid. We can handle bad news. For real. Someone, anyone, come up with a path and stick with it. We must come up with a plan that is clear and understandable to the people at home. I know this is difficult. This is some pretty complicated stuff. But it can be done. And if you can explain it and you can tell the people that times are going to get rough (the well duh element) and SET A COURSE, then we can move forward. That is what the markets want, it is what the global economy wants, and it is what we need. The United States of America is still the light of the world. The world looks to us to set a course. We need to set one and soon. And NOBODY, Bush, McCain, Obama, Paulson, and Bernanke have not done it.

Give me a leader! Where are our Lincolns and our Volckers in today's world? That is all that we really need...a true leader. The world is not rainbows and unicorns, we're adults, we understand this. We don't want more spin and spin and spin. I guess that I basically want to say "GROW A PAIR!!!"

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